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Queens Garage Doors | Advantages of HomeLink

If you recently bought a car and didn’t get one with HomeLink, we’re sorry.  Of course, you can also have an aftermarket installation of HomeLink applied to your car so that you may take advantage of it.

. . .  Are you familiar with HomeLink?  Well, if not, here’s a very brief overview:  Basically, it’s a system built into your car (or an aftermarket system) that will link to your garage door opener–  So rather than have a clunky looking opener remote clipped to your visor, you can have a sleek button on your dashboard (or elsewhere) that makes you feel like James Bond every time you open and close your garage door.  If you don’t have it yet, you should get it!

Queens Garage Doors | Is something wrong with my garage?

Sometimes our garage doors makes sounds and you might be wondering when you need to take these sounds seriously and do something about them. In a lot of cases simply lubricating the hinges and springs can make the sounds disappear and you are all good to go, but other times the sounds can indicate other things that are wrong or about to go wrong with the door. The absolute best way to know what the garage door needs is to call a technician out to do a maintenance check. The tech will be able to tell you in a matter of minutes exactly what is wrong (or not wrong) with your door and how to fix it. It will save you tons of time and worry to just call in the professionals.

Queens Garage Doors | Painting your garage door

If you have decided to paint your garage door congratulations! We think this is one of the best ways to really make your garage door not only look nicer but a great way to show some personality and make your door pop. Painting the door itself is a fairly easy project that you can easily do in a day.

First you will need to sand the door down, then you can use a primer to paint the door. Once the primer dries go ahead and paint the first coat of paint. Let that dry for a few hours then paint a second coat, and that is it. You will want to go to a hardware store to make sure you get the right kind of paint for a garage door and also to make sure you get some tarp to put down on the driveway underneath! And that is it to getting a new looking garage door.

Queens Garage Doors | Belt Drive or Chain Drive Opener?

Most people aren’t even aware that there are different types of garage door openers. There are actually four different types of garage door openers that are used. The two most common residential garage door openers are the belt drive and the chain drive. The two openers operate in the exact same way the difference between them is that one uses a belt to open and close the door while the other uses a chain. As you can imagine the chain drive is a bit louder while operating. The belt dive is more expensive than the chain drive but it operates so quietly you could use it in a library. We highly recommend the belt drive for homes and are more than happy to go over all the options with you.

Queens Garage Doors | Should I install an open indication monitor?

An open indication monitor is a wonderful piece of machinery that can help to make sure that you and your family are safe.  How does it work?  It alerts you if your garage door or gate is left open, so that you don’t have to go through the nightmarish feeling of waking up and noticing that you had left your garage door open overnight.

Why is this great?

It’s fairly obvious, especially if you’re one of those really forgetful people that is constantly in one of these horrible situations.

So install an open indication monitor, and then you won’t have to deal with it!

Queens Garage Doors | You got it with your service, but weren’t billed for it!

Don’t worry–  I know the title of this post sounds a little mysterious, but I assure you that you didn’t get done over on your most recent garage door service.

Though it is true that there was an item absent from your invoice.

That’s our expertise.

Every so often, we get a customer asking us if they can go a bit lower on the price, and while we try and offer the best valued service possible, you have to understand that something that is very experience that you don’t get charged for is our experience, and our expertise.

Sure, you could go with a lesser company, but what is the value of their expertise and experience compared to ours?  This is how we continue to offer you the best possible value in garage door services!

Queens Garage Doors | What to do when there’s trouble

Most people have an idea of what they should do in what they consider to be very common situations.  If someone should collapse, they call 911.  If their car starts making strange noises, they call their mechanic.  If their tummy makes the rumblies, they go and get food.

But what do you do when your garage door makes a funny noise?  Most people just ignore it, assuming that nothing is wrong.

Here’s why that’s a terrible idea, though:  If your garage door starts making funny noises, that means it may be on the verge of an issue–  But often times, if you fix whatever is out of alignment / wrong with your garage door at the first sound, you can avoid a much costlier repair.

So. . .  When your garage door makes weird noises, what are you going to do?

Queens Garage Doors | Spring Replacement Etiquette

Etiquette.  That’s not a word you hear very often in relation to your garage door springs, but there is a sort of etiquette that goes with replacing your garage door springs.

That is, how many springs should you replace when one breaks.  Should you replace just the broken one so that your garage door is working now, but will likely break down (on the other side) in the near future, or should you replace both; take advantage of a deal on the springs, and not have to deal with the headache and costs associated with two separate service calls.

The choice should be pretty clear–  Garage door spring etiquette dictates you replace them both at the same time so that you save everyone a lot of time and headaches!

Queens Garage Doors | Our hours of operation

Have you ever wondered about our hours of operation?  Well, if you haven’t we won’t hold it against you–  We don’t expect most people to spend vast amounts of time thinking about their local garage door company.

But!  It’s still information worth knowing, and now, rather than you having to wonder about it, we can just point blank tell you our hours of operation.

They’re actually really easy to understand because we’re open 24 hour a day, everyday.  We effectively have infinite hours of operation.

That means that whether you need us in the middle of the night, early in the morning, or the middle of the day–  No matter what, we’re here for you whenever you need us!

Queens Garage Doors | What comes with your service?

When you get garage door services from Queens Garage Doors, understand that you’re not just getting the service that you’re paying for– No, there’s much more value in services from us, including:

  • Our satisfaction guarantee–  We want you to know that we will go above and beyond to make sure that we do a satisfactory job when it comes to your garage door.
  • Our expertise–  Our technicians are expertly trained in all things garage door, and along with their expert service, you get their expert knowledge.
  • Our friendliness–  We pride ourselves on being very friendly when we come to your home!
  • Our professionalism–  This can’t be matched.

If you use a different garage door company, ask yourself if you’re getting all of that with your service from them.

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Queens Garage Doors Satisfaction Guarantee

Rest easy when you make the choice to go with Queens Garage Doors. All of our garage door repairs come with a guarantee that you will be happy with our service!

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