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Queens Garage Doors | What type of garage door is for me?

We’ve been asked before, “What type of garage door should I get?”

That’s usually when we respond with a, “Well, what kind of garage door would you get along with?”  Or: “What sort of garage door would you be if you were one?”

In all seriousness, though, we do get asked this question a lot, and while one piece garage doors are kind of old school, they’re still an option.  So, is a one piece right for you?  So long as you have no pets, kids, and aren’t accident prone, these can be a fantastic option.  Otherwise, we highly recommend going with a roll up / sectional garage door.

And really, it’s 2014.  Can we all agree that everyone should have a sectional garage door finally?

Queens Garage Doors | (888) 336 – 8011 | Jackshaft opener?

If you are looking for a new garage door opener you may have noticed there are different types. One of the less common types is the jackshaft opener. This opener is ideal for small garage spaces, usually found in condominium complexes. If you are worried about not having enough room at the top of your garage for your car to fit inside the garage then you have the option to install a jackshaft opener which is actually housed on the side of the garage rather than the ceiling. This can really free up a lot of space for the height of your vehicle.

Queens Garage Doors | Same Day Service (redux)

We’ve written about how we offer same day garage door repairs and services before, but that was a long time ago, and we want to make sure that you, our valued customer, understand what that means.

Same day garage door repairs means when you have an issue, it is resolved that day.  While you can deal with a broken opener for weeks with other companies, with us, it will be taken care of that day.  No dealing with an unsecured home or garage–  Just piece of mind.

Same day garage door service means you have the control of your service–  We give you the power to decide how you want your service.  Maybe you don’t want same day service because you have a meeting?  Fine.  Schedule it for the next day.  But if you want it, it’s there.

Same day garage door repairs means we put you first.

Queens Garage Doors | (888) 336 – 8011 | Locking your doors

You are probably thinking that this is a silly post because of course you lock your doors. But do you lock the door leading from your garage into your home and do you lock your car doors when you leave it in the garage. A lot of people don’t. In most cases it is ok to leave those doors unlocked since the garage door is closed keeping people out. However, if you were to ever forget to close your garage door or if it were to break then you would be at risk. This is why we highly recommend getting in the habit of locking all the doors even when the garage door is closed. That way no matter what happens you will be safe.

Queens Garage Doors | (888) 336 – 8011 | How does the garage door work

The garage door seems like a very simple piece of equipment, and it sort of is in the fact that it only has one function: to go up or down. But it actually takes over 20 different parts to have the garage door work right.

When you press the button and you want the door to lift or lower this sends a signal to the garage door opener. The opener, being like the brain, of the operation will send a signal to the drive and the springs. The belt and drive, being like the muscle, will actually do the lifting of the door. Even though it is a fairly simple process in theory it requires a lot of parts to do this process smoothly and quickly.

Queens Garage Doors | (888) 336 – 8011 | Why choose Clopay?

If you are looking to buy a new garage door you have probably noticed that there are a lot of different brands on the market. Queens Garage Doors works with all of the best garage door manufacturers, but we thought today we would discuss one of our favorites; Clopay. Clopay doors are not only beautiful and made with excellent craftsmanship, but they are also energy efficient and backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. If you choose Clopay you will know you are getting one of the best garage doors on the market. A Clopay door will last for years to come while giving style and class to your home or business.

Queens Garage Doors | (888) 336 – 8011 | Safety Checks

One of the most important things you need to do in order to keep your garage door up and running is regular safety checks. Garage doors are made with safety precautions to make sure that you are safe when using your door, however, if any of these systems goes unchecked for too long and stops working it could be hazardous. Safety checks are quick and easy when a professional comes out to do them. We highly recommend having a professional out twice a year to do the checks to make sure we keep you safe.

Queens Garage Doors | (888) 336 – 8011 | Upgrades

If you think that your garage door just doesn’t look as nice as the rest of the neighborhood it might be time to upgrade the door. There may be other reasons to upgrade the door too like functionality. A lot of people have the wrong type of opener on their garage door and they don’t even realize there would be one better for their needs. If you are running into any of these issues contact Queens Garage Doors today and we will send a technician out to go over the different upgrades for your garage door.

Queens Garage Doors | (888) 336 – 8011 | DIY garage door spring repair?

Are you a handyman? Do you handle most all repairs in your home? If so, you may think that repairing your garage door springs will be a simple task you can do yourself. What you may not know is that garage door springs are very dangerous to repair if you are not exactly sure of what you are doing. The springs are wound with an extreme amount of tension and if they snap the whole door can fall. You see the problem. Our highly trained and experienced garage door technicians know how to correctly and quickly repair your garage door springs so that no one is in harms way. Please don’t risk your safety, call in a professional to repair your springs.

Queens Garage Doors | (888) 336 – 8011 | One-Hour Response

A one-hour response is a garage service guarantee guaranteeing the maximum of one-hour arrival of the garage company representative(s) at the homes of the customers. Since we want to go beyond your expectations, we normally arrive at your homes in less than an hour.  Whatever your garage problems are, be they defective photoelectric sensors, defective garage springs, uninstalled garage doors, broken door openers, broken remote controls, or broken garage doors, we normally arrive at your homes in less than an hour. We get faster to go to your place especially at the late night since the vehicular traffic diminishes if not disappears at that time. The charges for this service are also the same with the normal charges. You should not let any untoward garage incidents happen. Human regrets always come at the end and not in the beginning. We have always been efficient in solving garage problems for many years.

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Rest easy when you make the choice to go with Queens Garage Doors. All of our garage door repairs come with a guarantee that you will be happy with our service!

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