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The garage door just might be the largest moving object inside a person’s house. Today, most garage doors often use electric door openers. Accurate installation, maintenance and testing are needed to keep it working in tip-top shape. Once it’s inappropriately adjusted, it may exert a violent force that could lead to fatal injuries. Here is one routine test that you should be accustomed to doing once a month:

Reversal Test

Your garage door opener should have a reversing feature, if it does not you should consider replacing it immediately.

First: Check the balance of the door, once it is properly balanced place a 2”x4” piece of wood flat on the floor in the center of the door. Make sure your door is fully opened.

Second: Press the wall button to close the door; once it hits the wood it should reverse (open back up).

Third: If it does not reverse, then call a trained service technician to have your door repaired or replaced.

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