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The earliest type of garage door was used on Victorian-era carriage houses. Many of the old houses, which are still present today, still use these doors and are functioning perfectly well.   On the other hand, many homeowners are ripping out perfectly good “bi-parting” doors because they think they can’t be fitted with a garage door opener. They have the right to do this, well, because they owned the house but hopefully they won’t do it because its part of history and it’s been a pride to own that antique-type of garage door.  As years pass by, garage doors become heavy and decorated with different styles. But this causes heaviness on the part of the garage doors that hinges were no longer able to carry their weight. Because of this reason, there is a widespread switch from a heavy garage doors to a door that go pass by each other or a slide type of door that past each other. Finally, there a cheaper garage door occur which came after World War II, and this type was typically found on all styles of houses nowadays.

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